Tall Pine Hideaways is located in the Town of New Baltimore  which is less than 20 miles south of Albany, and under two hours north of NY City and only seven miles off Exit 21B of the NY State Thruway. The Town of New Baltimore is the northern most township in Greene County and is one of the ten counties that straddle the Hudson River from Albany to Westchester County. These ten counties make up what is known as the Hudson Valley.

New York Land & Lakes has never been able to offer land in this spectacular region of upstate New York. Why?  First, it’s very hard to come by.  Most large tracts in this area never make it to the market. Instead, they are handed down from generation to generation or sold quickly through word of mouth to neighbors, friends or family members.  This makes finding larger, affordable parcels very difficult if not impossible to find that will fit within our customers’ price ranges. Secondly, growth in this region of upstate New York has exploded in the last decade and land prices have followed suit.  Finally, land prices skyrocket as you get close to a major metropolitan area like Albany and New York City.  Prices at Tall Pine Hideaways are 50% OR MORE BELOW MARKET PRICES FOR THE AREA! NY Land & Lakes was able to obtain this parcel when a private equity firm in NY City which specializes in environmental investments, liquidated the parcel to generate cash.  We couldn’t be more excited to be able to offer our customers such sensational deals on land in an area where it’s becoming so scarce!


A welcome escape from the chaos and traffic of New York City, the Hudson Valley calls to visitors who are eager to relish the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains, taste the growing restaurant scene, and relax against the calming backdrop of the Hudson River. Whether you’re making the short and accessible commute from Manhattan or coming just a couple of exits south from Albany, you’ll find farm-to-table dining experiences, yoga studios, and wineries alongside parks and outdoor spots that are the perfect places to unplug from the nonstop pace of urban life. It’s no wonder National Geographic Traveler named this region a Top 20 Best of the World Destinations.


Tall Pine Hideaways is located in the northeast corner of Greene County. Known as the Northern Catskills. From the heights of these mountains, Greene County rolls all the way down to the shores of the mighty Hudson River. Nestled among the highest of the Catskill Mountains and the verdant Hudson River Valley, Greene County is the ultimate four-season destination for fresh air and action-packed family adventures. The area offers a variety of attractions, unique events and festivals, and endless outdoor activities throughout the year—all in an incredible natural setting.

Regarded as America’s First Vacationland,” the area has attracted visitors for over 400 years—and for good reason. There are mountains to climb, rivers to fish, and starry nights to enjoy. There are two premier ski resorts (Hunter & Windham), nine golf courses, two state campgrounds, and 700,000 acres in the Catskill State Park to explore. The region is home to the longest, fastest and highest zip line tour in North America, the highest cascading waterfall in New York State and host to legendary festivals all year long. It’s the birthplace of the Hudson River School of Art, renowned landscape painter Thomas Cole, and Rip Van Winkle, the title character in Washington’s Irving’s famous 1819 short story. In the Great Northern Catskills of Greene County, you can take advantage of the beautiful landscape, old-world charm and cultural legacy. Attend a variety of unique events, stay at our all-inclusive family resorts, explore our history and experience the magic.