With its culture, picturesque farmland, outdoor adventures, sparkling lakes & rivers and rich history, The Finger Lakes Region is one of the best places on the planet to retreat to be it for an occasional weekend or to put down permanent roots! Just Google the Finger Lakes and you’ll be amazed at what this great part of upstate New York has to offer. Check out this cool interactive map of the region:

Most know that the Finger Lakes are synonymous with wine. With over 100 wineries you may not know that the Finger Lakes is the largest wine producing region in the United States east of California. It’s the influence of these lakes that create a “micro-climate” where grapes can thrive as evidenced by the numerous vineyards dotting the hills and down to the shores. Growing conditions are ideal here for a multitude of varietals most notably a signature Riesling, and is well known for numerous fantastic whites. Red wines are really coming into their own though, and have won awards worldwide to prove it. Touring these beautiful wineries and vineyards is a very special way to spend a warm autumn afternoon! Other farm based beverages such as cider, beer and distilled spirits are becoming more and more popular in the Finger Lakes as well.

The Finger Lakes themselves, 11 of the most beautiful and diverse water bodies in the world, are just to the west. Native American legend has it that the Creator looked upon this land with special favor and reached down to bless it, leaving the imprint of His hand, hence, the Finger Lakes. A geologist will tell you a different story: the lakes were carved out of the landscape over 100,000 years ago by glaciers as they receded at the end of the last ice age. Whichever theory you choose to believe, these lakes are truly magnificent and offer world class fishing for all species of freshwater fish. Many of the Finger Lakes are connected to the Erie and Seneca Canal systems  making it possible to boat anywhere in the world! State Parks are numerous along the Finger Lakes shores and offer picnicking, camping, swimming and boat launching.

The Finger Lakes offers many downhill skiing opportunities and within just a few minutes drive of Strawberry Lake, you’ll find miles of groomed trails at Greek Peak, Labrador and Song Mountain.

The Cortland apple, named for its origin in this county, grows in rolling hillside orchards and can be found by the bushel basket in countless roadside stands and farmer’s markets throughout the region.

Cortland County is home to tens of thousands of acres of State Forest Preserve lands where hiking, fishing, horseback riding and hunting can be enjoyed. Within less than a mile is a huge tract of State Forest and less than ten minutes away are no less than NINE State Forests totaling over 10,000 acres of public use land! This region offers the sportsman limitless outdoor pursuits!

The County seat is located in the City of Cortland home to two outstanding colleges. These institutions draw students from around the world and bring an energy to the region with arts and culture that can only be found in a college town. Fine dining and entertainment can also be found here!

Exit 9 off Interstate 81

Strawberry Lake is located just west of the Village of Marathon and a few miles east of Ithaca, NY . Marathon is a tiny Village on the shores of the Tioghnioga River where you can get groceries, a great pizza, and an excellent prime rib buffet at the Three Bear Inn. Marathon is the home of the annual Maple Festival which celebrates the rich history of this region’s well known reputation as a leading producer of Maple products. Marathon is also home to the Marathon School, a well respected district in New York State.

Are you familiar with this area of New York? The property is just 25 miles from Ithaca.

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