New York Land & Lakes Development, LLC.
Sales Representative Position FAQ’s

What would I be selling?

Land. New York Land & Lakes is the oldest and most respected land sales company in the Northeast. We are not a realtor that lists other people’s property.  We sell only our own properties.  Our company buys large tracts of acreage from banks, government auctions, farm liquidations and develops them into smaller more affordable tracts that our customers will use for building a home, recreation or investing.  Our office is in Sidney, NY but we work in nine different counties mostly in the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes Regions.

What is a typical sale?

Our average sale is an approximately 10-15 acre lot which sells for $25,000 to $35,000.

How much can expect to make my first year?

Our average sales rep makes $50,000 – $60,000/year. Our best producers have earned six figures

How do I get paid?

Our sales reps are paid by commission only. A new sales rep typically starts at the rate of 5% of sales. Unlike a general real estate office, as a sales rep at NYL&L, you get ALL the commission when your sale closes. You won’t have to split it with the company. You also won’t have to pay for your own advertising, desk space and supplies.  We provide everything for you to succeed.

Are there any benefits?

No. The company has a group health insurance that you could join but it is strictly voluntary and at the sales rep’s expense. 

What are the work hours?

You MUST work weekends as this is the time most of your customers will be available for you to show them property. During the week, you will be scheduled for “up-time” during which you will be answering calls from prospective customers. This typically amounts to about 18 hours per week. 

Do I need a Real Estate license?

No. Because you will be working for the owner and not listing a property on behalf of a third party, you don’t need to be licensed. 

Does the job involve a lot of travel? Overnight?

You will be required to have a good, clean reliable vehicle, preferably with four wheel drive. The job does involve driving to and from appointments which could be anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours drive away, however, no overnight travel is required. 

Is sales experience required?

Applicants with strong sales backgrounds that can demonstrate their abilities will stand a much greater chance of being hired. However, candidates with the right mix of positive attitude, work ethic and ambition will also be strongly considered.