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NEW YORK LAND & LAKES FINANCING – Financing for raw, unimproved land is very difficult to obtain through conventional means.  Most banks don’t even offer a land loan program and those that do typically require at least 1/3 down and charge high fees, points and other charges and closings take months to occur.  New York Land & Lakes offers “In-House” financing that is very easy and affordable. With a minimum of 20% down, we can finance your purchase for up to 7 years with rates as low as 5.25% and there are NO application fees, appraisal charges or pre-payment penalties!  Some of our customers finance their purchases for the full term of the loan while many others use our financing for a short term as a “bridge loan” to secure the property then seek out other financing options down the road. 


  • What you need to know about New York Land & Lakes and financing:
    • A minimum credit score of 700 is required
    • If your credit history is less than stellar, the mortgage department may require a larger down payment and/or a shorter term
    • Approvals are usually obtained in just a few hours
    • Ownership is transferred in seven to ten days with our financing



Down Payment                 7 Years                  5 Years                  3 Years
20%                                    8.75%                    8.25%                    7.75%
35%                                    8.25%                    7.25%                    6.25%
50%                                    6.75%                    5.75%                    5.25%


All applicants must have a minimum credit score of 700 for 20% down with 7 year term and minimum of 680 for all shorter financing terms.


Maximum Terms as follows:

Loans $30,000 and higher                             7 Years

Loans $15,000 to $29,999                              5 Years

Loans Less Than $15,000                               3 Years


Examples (for a 7 Year Term):

Purchase Price   Down Payment (20%)   Financed Amount    Rate        Monthly Payment          
$39,900                    $7,980                                 $31,920            8.75%                 $509
$49,900                    $9,980                                $39,920            8.75%                  $637
$59,900                     $11,980                              $47,920            8.75%                  $764